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Sri Visvanather Sri Visalatchi Alayam which was formerly known as Kuil Hindu Bayan Baru is strategically located in the heart of Bandar Bayan Baru township, Penang beside the famous Snake Temple and near the Penang international airport and the Industrial Estate.he History of this majestic temple dates back to year 1995 when a piece of land about 3800 square feet was purchased from Penang Development Corporation, a state agency. The man who had the vision to erect a Sivan Temple, helped to purchase this land from PDC and eventually helped to lay the foundation, he is none other than Mr N Vamathevan who was the Financial Contoller of PDC at that point of time. Mr Vamathevan and his Committee struggled to raise fund to erect the said temple until the year 2007.

Chairman's Speach

Om Namah Shivayah

Dear Members/Devotees
The Management Committee of Sri Visvanather Visalatchi Alayam is pleased to launch this website. This website will serve a host of key functions, among them are as follows: Medium for disemmination of information about events and developments at our Alayam. Avenue for members/devotees to use it as a collaborative tool to promote our temple objectives. Providing opportunity for devotees around the world to get connected with the Alayam/members and Management Committee. Avenue for members/Devotees to give suggestions and comments to enable and enhance the facilities and services. Since this website is new the Management Committee appreciates your feedback and comments to make this website vibrant and relevant. Special thanks goes to our webmaster, MrParthiban for bringing to function this webpage in a very remarkable short period of time.
"In the name of service to God and Mankind"
Best wishes
Mr Rajintra Prasat

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